How long will it take for my letter to arrive?
UK letters should take a few days. Outside the UK, it may take a week or longer, depending on the local postal service of your recipient.

What will my letter look like?
Type-O-Matic currently uses white watermarked Three Candlesticks or Basildon Bond heavyweight writing paper. Size: 229mm x 178mm. Peel and stick watermarked envelope size: 89mm x 187mm. Definitive issue stamp(s) to cover postage and Air Mail sticker if sent outside the UK. See an example

Just one of the 'print engines' driving Type-O-Matic, 
the 1956 Everest K2 portable typewriter
What kind of typewriter will my letter be typed on?
Your letter will be typed on a mechanical manual typewriter from the Typewriter Heaven collection. Machines are 'rotated' for variety but currently this stylish Italian Everest K2 is in service.

Is Type-O-Matic a confidential service?
Yes. Type-O-Matic will never divulge your details or letter content to anyone other than the addressee on the envelope.

Why do I need to give my address?
This is in case a query needs resolving. Your address will not appear on the typed letter unless you include it in the text-to-be typed box on the Order Form.

Can my letter be anonymous?
This 1927 Corona has a fairly standard QWERTY
keyboard layout showing the character set available
(please click to enlarge)
Absolutely! The only identification on the letter will be the postmark. Envelopes will be franked Swindon Mail Centre in the UK.

Does Type-O-Matic run a spell-checker?
No. Spelling is a personal matter and varies, even within English from country to country. If you aren't sure about a spelling, try a dictionary.

Must the letter be in English?
No. Your letter can be in any language which uses the Latin alphabet and the standard typewriter character set. Any accents will be omitted.

Can I order just one letter at a time?
Yes. If you'd like more than one letter sending, complete a second Order Form.

Can I have a carbon copy of the letter?
Sorry, these are one-of-a-kind hand printed originals. Part of the confidentiality assurance means that NO copies are kept of any letter.

Does Type-O-Matic place any restrictions on the content of letters?
Yes. We will neither type nor send any content which is malicious or connected with illegal activities. No ransom notes please.

What's in the envelope?
Your letter, that's all. No advertising, no flyers, just your words typewritten on paper.

If my letter doesn't arrive, do I get a refund?
No, we can not guarantee the postal service. Our job ends when the envelope goes into the post box. If you need a guarantee, make sure you put your own address as the mailing address and you can forward it personally.

Couldn't I just send my own typed letters for the price of a stamp?
Of course you could. Dig out that old typewriter and start typing. This service is for people who either don't own a typewriter or who want the option of not having to type their own letters. If the prospect of owning and using a typewriter makes your toes tingle, head on over to the boiling cauldron of dactylographiles and make yourself known.

Is it possible to send a letter that's more than 200 words long? 
...I have one that's 1,000 words - I'd like to know if it's something you'd consider doing.
Longer letters are no problem. Just drop me a line and we can work out a deal.